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Community Service

Membership Meeting 2nd Wednesday of the Month 4:00pm Location of the Meeting: IAM Local 1781:1511 Rollins Road,Burlingame, CA 94010

* Local Lodge 1781 Community Service Committee (650) 697-8716 Ext.24                                   

What Community Services is All About

Do You Need Help?  When our members have a contractual problem they generally seek out their Shop Steward and grievance committee for help. Did you know that when members have personal, non contractual related problems including family, health, emergency, financial or other personal problems they can turn to the Local Lodge Community Services Committee? 

Personal, non-job related problems, which are left unresolved often affect performance, absenteeism, poor quality workmanship, reprimands, and more, which all can and usually do lead to discipline. Your Community Services Committee is trained and prepared to assist you. Through years of experience and interaction with community programs, we can direct you to programs and agencies that provide important services in your community. Members facing hardships due to natural disasters, substance abuse, mental illness, unemployment and other emergencies can receive information and assistance. 

Community Services Committee responds to the needs of the membership by providing assistance during strikes and lay-offs, publishing a strike assistance manual and a survival benefits guide. The Community Services Committee also conducts food/toy drives, retirement seminars, financial planning workshops, union food distributions, and other important programs. 

The Community Services Committee works closely and confidentially with the LL EAP Committee, all the county Labor Councils (especially San Mateo Central Labor Council) all the county building trades, LL Legislative Committee, the LL Seniors, the Trade Winds and any member or committee that asks for our help. 

We would like you to know that we are here for you in good times as well as hard times. We feel the Community Services Committee gives added value to your Local Lodge membership by providing information, referrals and assistance to you and your family.


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IAM Local 1781:1511 Rollins Road,Burlingame, CA 94010
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